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UPDATE 13TH DECEMBER 2021 - Following the Prime Minister's announcement last night at 8pm, please do not call the practice with a Covid Vaccination Enquiry. The practice is working on increasing vaccination capacity in the next 2 weeks and we will invite patients in as soon as is possible.

As per the announcement, it is likely that the practice will potentially cancel routine appointments and focus on urgent appointments only to be able to focus on ramping up Covid Vaccine capacity. 

Sick/Fit Notes/Certificates. You don't need a "sick/fit note/certificate" from your GP until you have been off from work for 28 days (this used to be 7 days). 

This is effective from the 10th of December 2021 and until the 26th of January 2022. This change will free up time for urgent care and support for Covid Vaccination booster delivery. 

If you have any comments or suggestions about this site, or how it can be improved, please contact Ravi Iyer (Practice Manager) at  

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26/10/2021 - Unprecedented demand on practice

Since March 2020 it has been a very challenging time for patients and the team at the surgery; we have adapted to deal with the changing circumstances. We adopted new ways of working and social distancing to keep everyone safe. We implemented new systems such as eConsult to help improve access for patients with non-urgent enquiries. It was mandated within GP Contracts by NHS England for all GP Practices implemented a form of on-line consultations. We have been providing face-to-face nursing and doctors’ appointments when clinically required throughout the pandemic in both the surgery and at an alternative safe site to prevent cross-spread within our premises, both staffed by the Practice.

From January to July of this year we helped set up and contributed to the Sevenoaks COVID vaccinations initiative providing clinicians and admin support to ensure as many people as possible could be vaccinated as soon as possible. 40,000 vaccinations were done alongside our normal work to date. The practice since the beginning of October is now helping administer Covid Booster doses to our eligible population but by doing so is putting enormous pressure on our workforce. 

Our team has been working hard throughout the pandemic but with the easing of lockdown demand has increased to unprecedented levels. We receive more calls than ever before, are being asked to deal with minor issues on an urgent basis, patients are wishing to discuss multiple problems within one appointment or are asking about hospital related matters such as the long waiting time for a response to a referral rather than the correct route of contacting the hospital directly.  The on-line consultations have significantly increased the daily workload.

When the doctors are not dealing directly with patients they are sending referrals, reading letters from consultants about the care you have received and any follow ups required, reviewing test results and signing repeat medication prescriptions. The doctors are working harder and longer days to try and fit this all in.

All of this has the potential to lead to unsafe working and burnout within our team.  We care about our patients, recognise the frustrations you feel about waiting to get through on the phone and that our appointments get filled quickly but we do not have the resource to do more than we are doing. 

We are so grateful for all the kind words of thanks and appreciation from so many of you but saddened by the increased abuse we have all experienced.

The lack of resources in General Practice is a national and indeed historical problem and not something faced by Amherst alone.  We ask for your help to provide the best service we can and ensure we can support those patients in most urgent clinical need.

For minor ailments and injuries please consider other services, such as the pharmacy and self-care before you contact the surgery.

When a receptionist asks for details about your symptoms please provide these and when offered an alternative to a doctor, please consider this. We have a clinical pharmacist who can help with medication queries about dosage and side effects. The receptionist can book appointments directly with a First Contact Physiotherapist, a Triage Nurse (Rebecca Adams) and our Paramedic Practitioner (Mark Johnson). Rebecca and Mark can assess and treat minor illnesses although they can’t issue a script but the GP will.

We also ask that when you do have an urgent clinical need you do let us know and explain your position to help us direct our resources to where they are really needed.

Thank you all for your understanding at this challenging time.

Amherst GP Partners and Practice Manager.


What can you do to help?

Choose well – can the pharmacy help your symptoms?  Call 111 if you are unsure which sort of treatment you need. You can also go online

Download the NHS app. You can use this to order repeat prescriptions, view your immunisation history (including Covid Vaccines given in England and Wales only, and view results. 

Use our online consultation system, eConsult if you are able to.

Cancel appointments you no longer need.

It’s useful to remember our teams are on the front line and see both the best and the worst of us all. They work incredibly hard to help patients navigate the system, but may not be able to offer you exactly what you want at all times.

Please be patient and courteous, they are trying their best to help you within the constraints of the NHS.

We are grateful for your understanding and support.

Amherst GP Partners and Practice Manager.


GP Data for Planning and Research Programme:

GP data has a crucial role to play in research and planning which can improve public health, but it is important for patients and the public that this data is made available for appropriate purposes in a secure and trusted manner. This programme is a planned replacement for the GP Extraction Service (GPES) currently used to collect data for planning and research from general practices in England.

It is a legal obligation for the practice to comply with the Data Provision Notice ‘DPN’ for this programme as a result of a new direction from the secretary of state for health and social care as part of the Health and Care Act 2012. Once fully established, this new collection will replace multiple other data collections from general practices including the GPES in due course.

It is important to state that this new GPDPR programme is not a new processing of GP data in any way; what it does is to carry out an ongoing processing i.e. extraction of patients’ data by NHS Digital for planning and research purposes via a more efficient means. NHS Digital has set out that, whilst general practice will still retain data controllership over patient records within their practice, once data has been extracted from patient records and shared with NHS Digital, NHS Digital will be the responsible and accountable data controller under the UK GDPR for data access and dissemination for planning and research. Full details on the processing of patients’ data for this programme can be found in the NHS Digital’ privacy notice.

Patients whom wish to "Opt Out" can find more information by visiting the NHS Data Matters website.

Download the Type 1 Opt Out form (Word Version) or Type 1 Opt Out form (PDF version) and return to the practice once completed. 


Physiotherapy First

An NHS initiative will affect Amherst patients aged 18 and older with musculoskeletal (MSK) problems – for example, back and neck pain, sciatica, joint pain in hips, knees, feet, shoulders, elbows and fingers, and trigger finger (fingers stuck in a bent position).

See further information about Physiotherapy First


Pharmacy First West Kent Common Ailments Scheme

Service currently provided by Boots UK Ltd (High Street Sevenoaks), Paydens, Bat & Ball Pharmacy. See the Pharmacy First West Kent Common Ailments Scheme leaflet for further details.


Care Navigation

Patients may be asked to explain briefly what the problem is when they ring Amherst to book a GP appointment. Under NHS care navigation – or signposting – we aim to provide the most appropriate service

What and Why are we promoting Care Navigation

Signposting information


Improved Access and Extended Hours at Amherst Medical Practice

From July 2019 we will be providing at Sevenoaks, pre-booked appointments on selected days between 7.00am and 8pm with GPs, our Paramedic and our HCAs. See our Improved Access Timetable for further details.


Learning Afternoons

The Practice closes between 12.30 to 18.30 for Learning Afternoons.
The next Learning Afternoon is on: 

For emergency medical help during this time please call 111.


Keeping in touch

Have you provided AMP with your email address? More than 8,000 patients have, but we would love to include every eligible patient on our email database.

Email is such a convenient and quick way to communicate with patients, and it’s far cheaper than sending letters in the post.

Via email we can let you know about important new campaigns, e.g., winter 'flu jabs. We can also send you all our practice news via regular e-newsletters.


Please join our mailing list

If you have not told us your email address, and know other patients who haven’t, and you and they would be happy to receive practice emails to help them keep up to date with everything from Amherst, please join our mailing list.

Note: Email addresses are used solely for matters directly related to the patient and treated as confidential.


ONEYOU - Kent and Medway

ONEYOU Kent and Medway provides NHS Free tips apps and services to help YOU improve more. Stop smoking. Drink less, Eat well and enjoy a healthier lifestyle


Latest News

Single Point of Access

If you have concerns about your mental health and you are NOT currently under the care and treatment of one of our Community Mental Health Teams or any other of our mental health services within the trust please make an appointment to see your GP, where you can discuss your concerns and they will advise and signpost you to the most appropriate service.

If however you need urgent or emergency mental health help and support and you are not currently receiving care and treatment from one of our Community Mental Health Teams, please call our 24/7 Single Point of Access on 0300 222 0123 or text 07860 022819.

Our Mental Health Single Point of Access (SPoA) provides a single route to obtain Urgent advice to all new patients to our Kent and Medway mental health services in urgent situations. When calling our SPoA you will be speaking to someone who can ensure you are put through to the right person or service.


We know that... can’t always get an appointment with your chosen doctor as quickly as either you or we would like… we’d like to explain why.  Read further details about appointments...


Access to Medical Records

Since April 1, 2016 patients have been able to access their online medical records – which may include documents, blood test results and consultations. Read further details about access to Medical Records,..


Health Help Now


Health Help Now

The Health Help Now leaflet provides urgent help and advice including: Late Night and Sunday Pharmacies, Minor Injuries, Dental Emergency, Confidential and Emotional Support 24/7, and Social Services.


Common Childhood Illnesses and Wellbeing

See this this guide to common childhood illnesses and wellbeing.


Other News and Information

Patient Participation Group

Did you know we have a Patient Participation Group?

The purpose of the Patient Participation Group is to help us access and use your ideas for new projects, and gaining your views as to how the practice can improve and develop.

Patient Group Page


Get the


If you need medical attention

'Choose' Well by choosing the right service. The short video below is all about Choosing the Right Service:

On-line Services

You can now view Allergies, Medications and Blood Test results within your medical record, or order your repeat prescription online using either the NHS App or Patient Access.

Available 24 hours a day, whether you're at home or work, it's especially useful when the practice is closed or telephone lines are busy.

If you currently leave your paper prescription at a local chemist for them to bring to Amherst using this new service is faster and more efficient. Your prescription will still go back to the chemist of your choice.

Register Online


The NHS - changes, pressures....

..and what it means for patients.  There is a lot going on in the NHS, especially in England.  You may have heard or read about some of the changes and pressures the service is facing.

We want to make sure you have the full story and know how to have your say.

This guide pulls together key information, provides links to other useful sites, and explains what the British Medical Association, representing UK doctors and medical students, think about it all.  

Read More about what is happening in the NHS


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