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Blood Testing Service

All blood test/phlebotomy appointments at Sevenoaks Hospital have to be booked in advance. This can be organised via the reception team. 

The phlebotomy team will be meet and greet phlebotomy patients at the entrance doors to Sevenoaks Hospital. The phlebotomists will call each patient at their appointment time. Please arrive at your allotted time, no earlier, to avoid waiting outside.

Image of patient receiving test results


Blood Test Results

The easiest way to obtain your blood test results is online.

Patients will only be able to see their test results online, after a GP has reviewed and filed them.

If there is any further action required as a result of your results, the clinician or a staff member will contact you and advise you of this.

If you have not been contacted but can view the results online, then you can be reassured that the GP has not requested any specific follow up or further action.

However, if you still wish to discuss the results, please call and speak to reception to arrange a routine telephone appointment.

If you have registered for online prescriptions you can also arrange for the laboratory results option to be activated, just ask the receptionist.

If you are not registered for online services you can still register – and then ask for the laboratory test option to be added.

If the online option is not appropriate for you, the results of your blood test can be obtained by phone from your doctor’s secretary five working days after your test.

Secretary availability: Monday to Friday: 2.30pm to 4pm.

AMP would be very grateful for your kind co-operation.