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At the Amherst we are fortunate to have a very experienced, well qualified team of nurses lead by our fantastic Lead Nurse, Rebecca Adams who is our Prescribing Nurse Practitioner.

  • Rebecca is the lead for our Infections, Prevention and Control and ensures the practice environment is clean and meets all relevant standards.
  • Practice Nurse Kaye Rickards oversee our nurse led Diabetes Clinics.
  • Practice Nurses Gail Prentice and Kaye Rickards oversee our nurse led Asthma and COPD clinics
  • Practice Nurse Kaye Rickards oversees our nurse led Travel advice and clinics.
  • Practice Nurses Gail Prentice, Mercy Etagbo and Kaye Rickards run our Wound Care clinics.
  • Practice Nurses Kaye Rickards and Gail Prentice supported by Mercy Etagbo oversee our nurse led Childhood Immunisation clinics on a Tuesday or Wednesday mornings (alternating mornings).
  • Tina Taylor and Caroline Pain are our Health Care Assistants who compliment the nursing team with a wide variety of skills supporting the practice nurses including Ear Irrigation, NHS Health Checks, 24 hour blood pressures, BP checks, ECGs etc.
  • Practice Nurses Gail Prentice and Kaye Rickards are trained to undertake cervical cytology (smear tests).

Our Services


Other Clinics

Details of other clinics for the treatment of Diabetes, Leg Ulcers etc can be obtained from reception.