We know that... can’t always get an appointment with your chosen doctor as quickly as either you or we would like… we’d like to explain why.

  • There were 340 million GP consultations last year, up from 300 million five years ago – and compared to 22 million patient visits to A&E. 
  • Your GP is being asked to do more and more work for hospitals – because they are under pressure too.
  • Successive governments have demanded more paperwork from GPs so we have less time to spend with patients.
  • In addition GPs now have to attend management meetings about the structure of the NHS, and have take time out to prepare for Care Quality Commission inspections, as well as processing educational meetings so that we can “revalidate” and remain in practice.
  • We can no longer limit the number of patients we have registered with us without reducing the services we provide to you.
  • General Practices undertake 90 per cent of the consultations in the NHS on less than 8 per cent of the budget. Ten years ago GPs were allocated 10 per cent of the NHS budget.
  • All this means that young doctors don’t want to be GPs anymore, and established GPs are leaving the profession early.
  • In Kent, a recent survey showed that nearly one-third of GPs are to retire by 2020, with many others now expected to give up early.
  • In the last two years, GPs have been able to replace only two out of three doctors leaving their practices.
  • GP practices’ income has dropped year on year over the last four years and there has been no investment top-up by the government.

If you hear that we are not working hard enough and only want to line our own pockets, please don’t believe it. All we want is more time and less interference so that we can get on and do what we have been trained to do – help you and your family get well and stay well.


It would be greatly appreciated by Amherst if you could help to ease the pressure on us and help us focus on clinical care not administration, in some of the following ways:

  • Please be sure to attend your hospital appointments as the hospital can discharge you after a single non-attendance. If you cancel an appointment then Amherst does not need to know.
  • If you have received a discharge letter from the hospital due to non-attendance and you wish to make another appointment, then please contact the respective department or the Planned Care Office using the number on your letter. Only if you cannot arrange an appointment should you contact your GP's secretary – note there is no need to involve your GP.
  • If you have recently had surgery or illness and the hospital sick note does not cover you for the recommended period of time, please contact your GP's secretary stating the period of time a new sick note would need to cover. Please allow us 5 days notice if at all possible.
  • Results of investigations requested by hospital consultants go directly to the consultants and we ask that you follow up on these results with consultants directly, through their secretaries. Please only contact AMP should you have difficulty in doing so; we will do our best to obtain the results on your behalf.
  • Medications issued by any hospital on a green prescription form (FP10) should be taken to any local chemist – there is no need to go to your GP.
  • Under normal circumstances, medication recommended following a private consultation should be prescribed as a private prescription by the consultant. Your GP may prescribe the medication at the request of a consultant so long as it is normally available on the NHS or if he/she considers it to be medically suitable and decides to accept clinical responsibility for prescribing it. If that is the case the prescription should be ready for you to collect from the Practice within 3 working days.
  • Referral letters are usually ready in 3 working days. If it is more urgent, please inform your GP's secretary but please if at all possible plan so that we can have that 3 days turnaround time?


Access to Medical Records

Online access to your medical records

Patients can access their EMIS medical records on-line, which will usually include problems, medications, allergies, immunisations, documents and test results.

If you have already signed up for on-line prescription services this will make you eligible for this additional service. However it will only be offered to you if authorised by your usual GP which could be at your next consultation, by email or by telephone. 

If you are not currently signed up for online services (such as prescriptions but not Appointments) then if you wish to register for this service please let one of the reception team know and they can print a form for you, or you can register via the website or by clicking here.


West Kent CCG Unveils Ambitious Plans For Future

NHS West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has revealed its ambitious plans for transforming healthcare in west Kent...

All Areas

Over the next two years, the CCG plans to:

  • Increase spending on community-delivered services
  • Make improvements to the out of hours GP and enhanced rapid response services to ensure patients get care which is more joined up
  • Improve child and adolescent mental health services
  • Transform outpatient services
  • Improve services for respiratory problems and diabetes
  • Redesign the ophthalmology service
  • Provide better support for patients with dementia.

Dr Bob Bowes, Chair of NHS West Kent CCG, said: “We have worked with patients and the providers of services to come up with a plan for transforming the way we support patients in west Kent.

“Our vision is to put more emphasis on providing care closer to home for patients to save them having to travel to hospital where possible. This is the start of ambitious changes which will take place over the next five years.

“It’s vital we provide a service which seems more joined up for patients, and our priorities include improving services for children and young people with mental health problems, and giving more help and support to people with dementia.”


Doctor's News

Dr Anjali Melethil is now a GP Trainer as well as Dr Kate Lay.


Help with Making Appointments

Extended Hours appointments which can be before 8am and after 18.30pm

The practice does offer Extended Hours appointments. Please speak to your Doctors receptionist who can advise when your GP offers this service. Each GP offers a different schedule of appointment times


Practice Performance Report

The Practice was assessed by NHS Kent and Medway on its performance between April 2010 and March 2011. This report covers many of the important day to day objectives of the Practice and we are pleased to have been rated "Gold" on no less than six occasions.

Adobe Acrobat Document Practice - NHS Kent and Medway Balanced Scorecard 2010-11


Patient Records

This practice records information about you, your health and your treatment, so that you receive the right care. We are also involved in research that requires access to fully anonymised computerised information from patients’ notes’. For more information, and how you can opt out, please click here.

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Contact the Practice

To email a doctor, cancel an appointment, enquire about prescriptions, change your address, send in a travel form or enquire about the Brasted Practice, please click below. Please note: If using a Contact a doctor by email form, you only need use this process once and can use the email address supplied by us from then on.

Contact the Practice

Patient Access

Use Patient Access to order repeat prescriptions and view your medical record.

NHS 111

NHS 111

111 is the NHS non-emergency number. It's fast, easy and free. Call 111 and speak to a highly trained adviser, supported by healthcare professionals.

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Patient Survey

How likely are you to recommend this Surgery to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment? Please spend 2 minutes to take the Friends and Family Test.

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The NHS website. Take control of your health and wellbeing. Get medical advice, information about healthcare services and support for a healthy life.

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Patient UK

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