At the Amherst we are fortunate to have a very experienced, well qualified team of nurses.

Rebecca Adams is our qualified paediatric nurse. She runs busy immunisation clinics and is available for advice as required.

Practice Nurse Susie Brunning shares responsibility for our leg ulcer clinic together with Adina Lungu

Alison Wertheim also has diplomas in COPD and asthma management and runs our respiratory clinics on Mondays and Tuesdays. Alison is now ably supported by our recently recruited Practice Nurse - Nesta Goldsworthy. Alison also is our Travel Nurse. 

Tina Taylor, Adina Lungu and Caroline Pain are our Health Care Assistants who compliment the team with a wide variety of skills supporting the practice nurses. Tina runs the smoking cessation clinic.

Baby and Maternity Clinics

Ante Natal Care
Once your pregnancy has been confirmed you have a choice. You can choose to see your GP  for a referral to the local midwife team or you can refer  yourself directly to the midwives.

Antenatal care is provided by the midwives in the Outpatients department at Sevenoaks Hospital each midwife has their own clinic times.

You will be given a named midwife and the aim is to provide most of your care for the ante natal and postnatal period and in the first 10 days after your baby is born you will be visited at home but not every day. On some occasions another member of the team may also provide your care.

You will enter into a trusting relationship with your midwife who will get to know you and your family unit towards a satisfactory and fulfilling outcome to your pregnancy.

Non urgent messages can be left for the midwives at Sevenoaks Hospital on 01732 470341 if at all possible please try to contact your midwife during her clinic time.

If you are delivering at Tunbridge Wells Hospital For queries about labour or urgent problems then you must ring TUNBRIDGE WELLS HOSPITAL on 01892 633500.

If you are delivering elsewhere you must ring you individual clinic.

Ante Natal Care Timetable
Checks are carried out at certain time periods throughout your pregnancy starting with a booking which is carried out at Sevenoaks Hospital.

During your antenatal care you will also be introduced to your Health Visitor who will meet with you before you have your baby and in your early days at home with the baby.

The Sevenoaks Team of Midwives will offer Ante Natal classes at Springhouse on a Friday afternoon. Aqua natal and yoga classes are held separately within the area.

The Plan for your antenatal care is as follows but this is a guide only.
When you discover you are pregnant you visit your GP who will refer you to your midwife.

You will receive some information from the midwife, which will help you to decide where to deliver your baby as geographically you have several hospitals to choose from.

If you choose to book at Tunbridge Wells Hospital your booking visit will be at Sevenoaks Hospital and you will be cared for by the Sevenoaks Team of Midwives.

If you choose to book at another hospital you will be booked by your chosen hospital and then cared for by the Sevenoaks Team Midwives.

If you have seen the GP very early on in your pregnancy you will not hear from the midwife before 8 weeks.

8–11 weeks


A midwife will contact you and arrange your booking appointment.

16 weeks


See your midwife and collect blood results.

19 and 21 weeks


Anomaly Scan.

24–25 weeks


See your midwife.

28 weeks


See your midwife who will take more blood.

30–31 weeks


See your midwife and collect blood results.

36 weeks


See your midwife.

38 weeks


See your midwife.

40 weeks


See your midwife, at this appointment your 41 week appointment will be arranged.

41 weeks


Membrane sweep and induction date booked.

It is not always necessary if it is not your first pregnancy to see your midwife at 25 and 31 or even 40 weeks unless any concerns arising at booking or at the 20 week anomaly scan.

A Health Visitor will see every client post-delivery.


Special Clinics

Respiratory Clinics
Our nurse led ASTHMA and COPD clinics offer an opportunity for review and discussion. We aim to work with you to find the most appropriate treatment leading to optimum symptom control. 
We also have up to date equipment allowing us to offer the 2 yearly lung function testing required for COPD patients. Annual review is recommended and appointments for both clinics can be booked via reception.

Other Clinics
Details of other clinics for the treatment of Diabetes, Leg Ulcers etc can be obtained from reception.

Health Checks

Working Together to Improve Your Health.

This check is part of a national scheme to help prevent the onset of certain health problems Everyone between the ages of 40 and 74 who has not been diagnosed with the conditions mentioned below may be eligible for a health check.

Everyone is at risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and some forms of dementia. The good news is that these conditions can often be prevented- even if you have a history of them in your family. Check with reception to see if you are eligible for a Free NHS Health Check and you will be better prepared for the future and be able to maintain or improve your health. Our Health Care Assistants - Tina, Adina and Caroline carry out the health checks they are 30 minute appointments. Check with reception.

Medical Examinations, both NHS and Non NHS

Commercial and Insurance related Medical Examinations
Many Organisations now require a Medical Certificate for Insurance, Occupation or Work. These Non NHS Examinations will be completed by a Doctor and charged at the Practice Rate.

Please call Practice Reception to be advised what is required.
Please make it clear that this is a commercial transaction and find out what cost are involved.
You will be required to pay at the time of your visit to the Practice.



We have a First Contact Physiotherapist who works on Wednesdays at Amherst. For any musculoskeletal complaints e.g. back or limb pain please call reception who will be able to book an appointment with him without having to see your GP for a referral. 

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